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Where do you manufacture your products?

Most Nature Made® products are made at our very own facilities in Southern California and Alabama. For the few products that we don't make ourselves, we work with a small number of highly qualified contract manufacturers in the United States, Canada,

Are your vitamins USP certified? What about herbal supplements?

Many of our vitamins and supplements are USP certified. Just look for the USP seal on the product label.

Do you follow California Prop 65?

Yes, we do! Nature Made® products, when take as suggested, are below the threshold levels for California Prop 65, which has the most stringent heavy metal limits in the nation.

Are dietary supplements regulated by the FDA?

Yes, dietary supplements are regulated under the FDA through the DSHEA (the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act of 1994)

How long has Nature Made been around?

We’ve been delivering high-quality, science-backed wellness solutions for over 50 years! Nature Made® started in 1971, quickly becoming a leader in the nutritional supplements industry with more than 150 dietary supplements, including vitamins, miner

What stores have Nature Made Products?

Information about where to buy our products and where our products are manufactured

How do I become a distributor or purchase at wholesale?

Thank you for your interest in Nature Made®. We only have an affiliate program and are not expanding our distribution network. For more information on our affiliate network, please click here:


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