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What is the source of gelatin in the Pickle Flavored Gummies?Updated 4 months ago

Gelatin is used in many of our Nature Made products and may be derived from various animal sources, however, we mainly use porcine (pork). Our softgels and two-piece hard shell products are encapsulated in gelatin. In several of our tablets, gelatin is used by our ingredient manufacturers as a carrier or processing aid. Gelatin is also used in some of our gummies supplements and is used to hold the components together and provide a chewable texture. Please note, if a product contains gelatin it will be listed on the label.

For consumers who prefer vegetarian alternatives, our sister company MegaFood offers 100% vegetarian products.

MegaFood products are available in natural food markets such as Whole Foods and Sprouts and through on-line retailers. You can learn more about these products at

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